Wirdora Jewellery Case: The Best Kept Secret

The first best-kept secret of total success is that we must feel love inside ourselves before we can give it to others.-Denis Waitley-

Psss…Can you keep a secret?

Well, as Malaysians, and mostly mommies, are mourning over the passing of a strong celebrity mom & wife, Allahyarhamah Siti Sarah, and her hard departure leaving the world, let us pray that Allah grant her Jannah and may all her soul be rested with The Mukminuns.

I’m not going to talk about her as much, I have no intention to ‘commercialize’ her story. But, I see the need to take what is good that she has left to all of us – how well she kept her secret of giving back to the community with lots of sadaqah and being a loyal wife. Subhanallah, what an amazing character behind the name of Siti Sarah Raisuddin.

The joy that compassion brings is one of the best-kept secrets of humanity. It is a secret known only to a very few people, a secret that has to be rediscovered over and over again.” ~ Henri Nouwen

As we are talking about SECRET, Wirdora is very proud to bring to you our new product in the market, THE WIRDORA JEWELLERY CASE. Yup, it’s up in the market, peeps! Get yours today.

Let me share with you why I think jewellery case itself is a treasure that every woman should have it – especially Wirdora Lovers who own tonnes of Wirdora shining pins, brooches and many other.

The jewellery case does the little thing you never thought it could do:

Here’s top 5 reason why you need The Wirdora Jewellery Case, today:

1. It helps you to get more ORGANIZE and free your jewelleries from clutter. It could avoid jewelleries from getting tangled and damaged.

2. I’m sure you have moments where your jewelry is scattered all over, it becomes difficult to access specific pieces when you need them. Imagine getting ready for an important event like a date or a business lunch, and you remember the perfect necklace to go with your outfit. A good jewellery case gives easy ACCESSIBILITY to all your jewelleries.

3. By keeping your jewellery in a jewellery case, you could MINIMIZE THE RISK OF LOSING  your teeny weeny jewelleries that you might have misplaced them without noticing.Building a habit of putting your jewelry in a jewelry case will ensure that it is always there when you need it. A jewelry box will also prevent a determined child or pet from accessing your jewelry and taking it to their favorite hiding place. 

4. Jewelry cases are also another way to showcase your STYLE. It has various design and styles, and the bonus from Wirdora Jewellery Case is that it is PERSONALIZED and you could have your name on it just to flaunt it. It definitely a new definition for style!

5. Last but not least, when we design the jewellery case so that it could come handy and add up to your LIFE HACK. Yup, while style and convenience has always been the priority, you couldn’t believe it that this cute Wirdora Jewellery Case fits well in most medium to large handbag size. Thank us later on this innovation!  

So, do check it out you very own personalized Wirdora Jewelley Case today! Reach out from your friendly Wirdora Warriors or get it online yourself. 

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