What If You Could Give Yourself A Raise?

So, here’s the thing. I’m gonna be straightforward to you out there – ladies & gentlemen – I know what I’m gonna share will be so familiar and cliche, but if it’s worth it, why must I keep to myself, right? 

Can you believe that Wirdora started by incident? It wasn’t something that we’ve planned with a proper business plan and business model canvas as it should. Less than we expected to be making our first million a year after its launch.


Wirdora story

Ok, I don’t want to sound arrogant or anything like it. God forbids, Nauzubillah. But here’s the thing, we were at our lowest when we ventured into online business. Both my hubby and I were out of jobs from the Fortune500 company. Earning 5 figure monthly income to zero in a blink of the eye was a real struggle.

That was when I decided to start selling shawls and scarves for children online. As I wanted to show tokens of appreciation to my loyal customers, I decided to give away Swarovski pins. I had callbacks, not looking for more shawls, but customers who want to buy more pins. And the rest of the story is where we are today.

This is a true story and not a fantasy. Why am I sharing the story today? Because I need to. We were tested and the path wasn’t easy. As the new norm kicked in since last year, no doubt there were struggles and rough patches that some of you might have faced. This is the story of hope.

With open arms and heart, Wirdora is inviting everyone, stay-at-home moms or working moms, husbands and wives, students and adults, anyone who is looking to gain extra income to join our Wirdora Warriors team.

I can’t promise you an instant road to becoming a millionaire but trust me, I’m sure we all want to be successful in our own kind of life definition and we are heading on the same path, Insyaallah, and may it benefits us now and the hereafter, amiin.

Why Do You Need To Be Part of Wirdora Warriors?

I can list down 1001 must-have criteria to be a successful Wirdora agent and another 1001 items on how Wirdora could help you with your income. But I won’t do that here. Give me a buzz and let’s talk! As for now, let me give you at least 5 reasons why you need to strongly consider joining us, without any delay!

Wirdora reseller program ejen stokis dropship

#1 High-quality Products

I was a consumer and a customer before and will always be. This is our main motivation when we come up with new designs and products – Wirdora will only sell products that we would buy and proudly using them, ourselves.

Therefore, we ensure that all our products maintain it high-quality and elegancy as that is how I love it.  

#2 Trusted Brand

No doubt that high-quality products, with guaranteed authenticity from the well-known Swarovski itself, would give the room for comfort when you are pitching to sell our products.  Trust me, selling a trusted brand is definitely a sure win!

Furthermore, Wirdora itself has proved that the brand is an established brand, not just locally but we’ve even managed to spread it internationally. Being part of the London Fashion Week back in 2020 was one of the highlights that I would keep on telling everyone for inspiration.


Wirdora London Fashion Week Matrade

Wirdora lfwWirdora lfw

Wirdora lfwWirdora lfw


When you have confidence in the product you are selling, you know you must take the opportunity to share the experience with your friends and others, and while you do that, why don’t you take advantage of selling it yourself and gain some profit out of it?

#3 Strong Support Team

We stick together. I believe that none of us is successful enough as all of us. In fact, supporting each other’s success will never dampen our success. As an individual, we might be just a drop of water, as a team we are an ocean.

If you are part of Wirdora Warriors, trust me, you will always be inspired by the positive wave the team brings. We will hold your hand, guide you until you could fly and shine. And we will always be there for you and ready to catch you whenever,  in case you got slipped away.


 Wirdora reseller rewards

Wirdora reseller rewards

Wirdora reseller rewards

#4 Luxury Rewards

Well, we won’t fail you when you’ve worked your best to earn that extra income of yours. We’ve given away lots of rewards including gold bars and cash for the high achievers as a motivation to all of us to keep on striving for the best. There were times that the gold bars and cash alone might not be sufficient and you’ll be surprised with additional gifts and rewards that come along the way. It’s one of our way in showing you our appreciation, straight from our genuine hearts.


Wirdora ejen stokisWirdora ejen stokis

Wirdora ejen stokisWirdora ejen stokis

Throwback rewards ceremony for Wirdora Warriors

#5 Easy As A,B,C

If you are worried that you couldn’t handle the business online, using the technology, or anything like it, you shouldn’t put a stop to join us. I was an engineer and was so clueless about running a business, advertising, and the fashion world. But, hey, look at where I am now!  

Our product is pretty straight forward, our methods are flexible and our motivation is skyrocketed. We believe that everyone can achieve their dream when the intention is correctly put. Yup, where there’s a will, there will always be the way.

So, let us help you. Reach out for us. Join and be part of Wirdora Warriors today. Hit the Wirdora website, or leave a message for us to reach you out.

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