The Real Virtue of September Blues…

This article is written to serve product knowledge sharing and promotional purposes only. A Muslim must believe that everything is in the Hands of Allah and is obliged to rely only on Allah only.  Please note that Islam forbade wearing of any gemstones which accompanied with a corrupt belief, like believing that it prevents evil eye or magic, or prevents the harm of the devil.

Talking about birthstones, no doubt September would be my top 3 favourite birthstones!

How could anyone not fall in love with those super cool blue sapphire stones that reflect the best at its own reflections? How could anyone hate the true blue that displays a subtle calmness and yet remains strong? How could anyone ignore the obvious shining  lights that stand by their own in any style you match it with?

The September sapphire birthstones will definitely be one of the medalist in its own rank! Anyone who lays eyes on them would fall in love with them, instantaneously. Can you imagine dining your simple veil with a gist of sapphire blue from Wirdora?

Talking about the infamous September birthstones, they have always been related to the royalties. There’s chronological of events that brings the world to realize that sapphire has been significant in some royalties lifestyle and some of the famous ones are:

  • The King Napoléon had spent a fortune on an engagement ring, which snugly pairs a teardrop-shaped sapphire with a diamond, for his love Joséphine who were staying in Paris back then.
  • the Stuart Sapphire have been originally owned by Charles II of England, and have made its way to Europe via James VII, where it stayed until 1807, when it was purchased by King George III and returned to the British royal collection
  • John D. Rockefeller Jr. at the recommendation of the family’s longtime jeweler, Raymond Yard bought an internally flawless, rectangular-cut sapphire for his first wife, Abby, who wore the jewel until her passing in 1948. It was resold a few more times before its last appearance at Christie’s New York in April 2001, where it sold for $3 million.
  • A magnificent sapphire gem claimed up to $17 million at a Christie’s auction in November 2014, setting the record for the most expensive sapphire ever sold at public auction. The Blue Belle has changed hands a number of times in its near 100-year-old history. It was originally bought in 1937 with the intention of using it as a coronation gift for Queen Elizabeth II but never ended up in the Queen’s possession. The necklace was most recently bought by a Saudi collector.
  • Kate Middleton’s engagement ring is said to formerly belonged to Princess Diana and that it was Prince William’s way of including his mother on his wedding day. But rumor has it that the ring was actually in Prince Harry’s possession first. Reportedly, following their mother’s tragic passing, both princes were encouraged to keep one item from her personal collection as a treasured memento. While Harry selected the sapphire engagement ring, William opted for a gold Cartier watch; later, when William expressed his intention to marry Kate, the brothers exchanged items.

No surprise that September babies carry the royalties and the nobilities of the sapphire birthstones. Blue sapphire is associated with dignity, loyalty, serenity, faith, wisdom, and purity. These personalities will nurture an honest and mentally strong person who in return tends to shy away from showing their emotions to the world.

In sync with the birthstone, September babies are one of those who possess strong characters. There’s nothing stronger than a woman who rebuilt herself.

Every woman should holds on to the great mantra:

You can be vulnerable and still powerful. You can have a solid heart but still be rock solid at your core. You can be as calm as the sky breeze but strongly fierce as the sapphire.

So, if you are celebrating any September babies or any special occasion in this month of September, make it extra special with a gift from Wirdora. One could never be so happy and feel appreciative with such a sweet gesture looking at the blue sapphire stone on fancy Wirdora pins and brooches.

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Love, Wirdalina

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