Special Edition Getshera Lipmatte & Wirdora Honey Caramel Facemask: Stay Beautiful Even Facemask On

Special Edition Getshera Lipmatte & Wirdora Honey Caramel Facemask: Stay Beautiful Even Facemask On

Being beautiful defines women. Stay beautiful!

I was smiling while listening to my all-time favourite song “Wonderful Tonight” by the legendary singer Eric Clapton. I can literally imagine how the lady in the song feels when she was asking her partner ‘ Do I look alright?’ and the response is ‘You look wonderful tonight!’. Auww….

Yes, every woman would want to be beautiful. It’s nature! As beauty lies in the beholder of the eyes, no doubt there are various definitions of being beautiful. For me, personally, I would want to look and feel beautiful, even when I’m at home or even when no one is around.  

 I guess that’s what triggered Wirdora to introduce our first collection of the Wirdora facemasks. Alhamdulillah, and the response from our Wirdora Lovers were unbelievable!

 Since the pandemic, Co-19 is still around, and it’s a must to wear facemask wherever, the one dilemma that I would face is to decide whether I should wear or should not wear the lipstick. Lipstick is the #make-up101 rules and I never leave the house without putting it on. It definitely affects my self-confidence. I felt naked not wearing it but having to wear lipstick with facemask has always been a disaster!

Until I discovered Getshera. Yes, tried and tested, Getsherra Lipmatte doesn’t smudge your facemask and will surely leave you satisfied. Definitely the answer to your worries and still stay beautiful even wearing a facemask.

Wirdora cares about every women’s concern and beauty is our priority. Therefore, we are proudly introducing our Special Edition Honey Caramel Facemask and Getshera Lipmatte Combo Set while stock lasts.


WIrdora Getshera Special Edition Facemask Lipmatte


Yes, if you are still wondering why you should grab this offer, I would genuinely recommend you not to think twice! Grab it while it last!

Trust me, even you are wearing facemask, the smile you have behind the mask will surely be seen and having a great colour of lipmatte is just PERFECT!

Get your combo set today. With five amazing colour selections, Rosa, Hana, Briona, Leia and Firdaus, I would pick all as my collection today! Just pick you favourites and wear it to match your wardrobe and mood.


Wirdora Getshera Facemask Lipmatte Halal Malaysia


Wirdora Getshera Swarovski Facemask Halal Lipmatte Malaysia

Wirdora Getshera Briona Facemask Lipmatte Halal Malaysia

Wirdora Facemask Getshera Leia Halal Lipmatte Malaysia

WIrdora Antibac Ombre Innersejuk Facemask Getshera Halal Lipmatte Malaysia


Rest assured that Getshera International Sdn Bhd has certified its products and being certified Halal by JAKIM.

Getshera Halal Lipmatte Malaysia Jakim


Pairing the Getshera Lipmatte with our favourite Honey Caramel Facemask, is the MUST HAVE set that you need to boost up your upcoming days. So, get yours today.

To avoid any regrets and frustration, place your order today before its too late.

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