Majestical Meaningful Moment with March Birthstone

This article is written to serve product knowledge sharing and promotional purposes only. A Muslim must believe that everything is in the Hands of Allah and is obliged to rely only on Allah only.  Please note that Islam forbade wearing of any gemstones which accompanied with a corrupt belief, like believing that it prevents evil eye or magic, or prevents the harm of the devil.

If you are born in March, you’d have more reason to marvel and celebrate March in style with its magnificent Aquamarine birthstones. The clear crystal blue stone will never fail anyone and magnify the style in those who wear them. Mythically, Aquamarine is said to promote knowledge and fight fear to its wearer.


Wirdora Hijab Accesories Swarovski March Birthstone

Some ancient culture in Europe believes that Aquamarine stone could help to cure heart, liver and stomach diseases. Of course, as Muslim, we knew that all sickness and wellness are sent upon us by Ar-Razq and to Him we may refer to, always.

Technically, aquamarine is an exceptionally hard stone that boosts the clear seawater crystal-like colour stone. The iron impurities within the stone possess excellent transparency and clarity, making aquamarine stone a highly desirable stone.

Aquamarine babies are said to be very stable just like how aquamarine birthstone reflected it to be.  Their stability make it possible for this birthstone to remove emotional toxicity and encourage feelings of internal peace. Because of its colorful nature, aquamarine is also known to instill the vibrancy and beauty of youth to whoever wears it with its anti-aging properties.


Wirdora Hijab Accessories Swarovski March Birthstone


Aquamarine is a versatile stone that is undoubtedly beautiful, both in its aesthetic and in the special meanings it represents. Although aquamarine is the birthstone of March, it’s worn widely across the population due to its gorgeous nature and ability to match virtually every color and style. This is a gem that’s stood the test of time, and it’s easy to see why it’s still highly coveted: for its beauty, healing properties, and significant meanings alike.

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Wirdora Hijab Accessories March Special Set


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