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Hey dreamers, do you know that sometimes you need fantasy to survive the reality? Remember life before the pandemic and how you managed to go through the whole year hoping that it will end SOON will come true. Yet, living without the pandemic seems like a fantasy.

Thank you for still fantasizing and believing, Alhamdulillah. Things will be ok in the end. Just don’t stop praying and hoping.

 Having our beloved Wirdora Lovers in mind, Wirdora is proud to launch our new product from our latest brooch family, the Fantasy Brooch. As everyone is being bogged down with the new Covid-norm environment, we believe there’s always lights and beauty for all of us beyond its reach. Therefore, by introducing these sweet cutesies Fantasy Brooch seems to be timely perfect for the little comfort of the eyes of everyone who is looking.


Wirdora Fantasy Brooch Swarovski

“Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living”


Taking up the hexagon shape, Fantasy brooch compromise between the shape of a polygon and a circle. The shape itself is connecting the universal coherence which ties everything together and links everything back. It’s a mindblowing concepts for those seeking adventures and a safe passage for those who wanting stability.

Fantasy brooch is something that you might not want to miss having one for yourself. The combination of its hexagonal shape and selecting the perfect colours to suit your mood, Fantasy brooch is not just a brooch . It reflects the closeness to nature, the rational in fantasizing and the logical living in reality.


Wirdora Fantasy Baby Brooch SwarovskiWirdora Fantasy Baby Brooch Swarovski

Dashing up with five authentic Swarovski precious stones; Crystal, Golden, Silver Night, Vintage Rose and Iris, it’s a dream that comes true when you own all of them. Of course, donning them on your hijab is not just like any other brooch, for it will always reflect its elegance and its exclusivity..

Despite the saying, less is more, having to wear more than one Fantsy brooch will never be too much as it’s designed for you to manifest your own statement. so, just be bold and live up your fantasy.

Just bear in mind, when Wirdora comes up with this Fantasy brooch design, we create it not to escape reality, but we create it to be able to stay and keep on believing. So what are you waiting for?

Wirdora Fantasy Baby Brooch SwarovskiWirdora Fantasy Baby Brooch Swarovski

Wait no more, be the first to own this mystically beautiful Fantasy Brooch. Of course, there’s more selection on other Wirdora accessories from the website, and don’t forget to check out our March Specials than what has been listed too. Just thought you would like to check it out yourself from our Wirdora Warriors or get it online.

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