Be Proud Because We Are Malaysians!

Kemerdekaan suatu negara dapat dijamin teguh berdiri apabila berpangkal pada kemerdekaan jiwa. – Buya Hamka

(Independency of a country will only stand strong when its rooting from independent souls – Buya Hamka)

Congratulations, Malaysia! So, here we are, celebrating our 64th Merdeka Day with our 9th Prime Minister. I’m in no interest to talk about politics, as I believe everyone is entitled for its own freedom of choice. Like it or not, directly or indirectly, politics do play its role in our daily life, especially for business owners like us. For better or worse, I know I can’t be thankful enough for the peace, unity and the varieties that we, as Malaysians, shared. Alhamdulillah.

Facing the pandemic is not easy. We missed the Merdeka Parade and the Merdeka Eve’s Fireworks. We missed raising our Jalur Gemilang and singing along to our Negaraku song. We missed the real Merdeka Holidays and we missed the dining at the fancy restaurants that offer Merdeka Special discounts. For better or worse, let us all make a pledge! Let us commemorate our Merdeka Day in the best possible way, just the way it should be.

Remember how proud we were a few weeks ago, celebrating the joy and pride of our athletes in the Tokyo Olympics 2020 arena? Remember how united the whole country has been? Hey, let us raise the support to our paralympics team too – extend your support to them as they are fighting their battles next week.

Remember how we rush to extend help to the needy ones with the #benderaputih campaigns? How much we care about each other? Everyone is so concerned for every other fellow Malaysians, no matter what race, religion or politics background they are.

Remember how worried we were when our people in Gurun and Yan were badly affected by flash floods after heavy rain led to a water column plunging down from Gunung Jerai last week? Everyone is praying for the safety of the people in Gurun and Yan. For better or worse, we still make the beautiful landscape of being the united Malaysians.

So, why makes differences divert us when we can unite with our humanity?

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